Three Kinds/Colors Of Window Tinting And Why You May Want Them

11 July 2016
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Window tinting has become a very popular auto accessory for various reasons. Privacy may be a leading reason, but typically that only applies to the dark applications of smoky gray or black tinting. Here are some more kinds and colors of window tinting and why you might choose each of these. Soda Pop Bottle Green Soda pop bottle-green creates a nostalgic effect on car windows. It is particularly nice if you have a vintage or antique vehicle since it is reminiscent of the older time periods for these vehicles. Read More 

2 Auto Accessories That Can Improve Your Winter Driving Experience

22 June 2016
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Many people actually dread the coming of winter due to how much more uncomfortable and difficult it is to operate their vehicles due to the poor road conditions and the effects that severe cold can have on the vehicle itself. However, there are a number of different auto accessories that can help alleviate the discomfort and difficulty of driving in the winter, such as the two listed below.  Remote Starter Read More